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You can find the join link, at the bottom of the page. 

Joining the Discordserver doesn't work on mobile devices. Please use the Desktop view on your mobile browsers.


1. General Rules

1.1 The written and spoken language on this server is German or English.

1.2 Be kind together. Respect has first priority

1.3 Offensive or other forbidden nicknames or part of names are not allowed

1.4 Avatars with offensive, racist or pornographic content are not allowed

1.5 Publishing private content like phone numbers or e-mails are not allowed

1.6 Insulting other users or crews is not allowed

1.7 No spam

1.8 Wolfheads member have to have their ingame name on the nickname, as long there is no other nickname wanted. If not, they are supposed to write the ingame name in square brackets. Example given down below.

1.9 Member from other crews are supposed to use their ingame nickname. If there is a special role, they have to write the shortcut in braces.

1.10 Alternate Fonts for nicknames are forbidden on this server.

1.11 New users on the Wolfheads discord server have to introduce themselves. They will get kicked after 24 hours of joining the server if they don’t do.

1.12 Listen to the instructions of the officers and follow them.

2. Rules for Voice-Chats or Voice-Channels

2.1 It’s not allowed to record the voices of other users without their permissions

2.2 Intention and disruptive background noises have to been muted.

2.3 If a user is for longer inactive, they will get moved after 30min automatically into the AFK channel

2.4 Alternate Fonts are forbidden in the text-channels. The sent message will be deleted

3. Additional rules for the Chat

3.1 No insults, spam and or aggression in Chats

4. Streaming

4.1 Streaming is allowed, when all involved users are informed and agreed

4.2 If streamers are streaming, they must make it visible on discord (purple dot)

5. Punishments

5.1 First punishes are warnings

5.2 If a user repeats his fouls, he will be kicked from the server

6. Contradictions against Punishments

6.1 If you can prove your innocence and got wrongly punished, please contact a Crewmember

7. Änderung am Regelwerk / Abweichung vom Regelwerk

7.1 The operator is responsible for the unrestricted house right on the server

7.2 The rules are caveat by the owner

8. Conventions

8.1 If you join the server, you have accepted the rules


Example for

Wolfheads members names:

Max [DaSuperDuperGamerXYZ]

Shortcut for the Roles:

President = (P)

Vice President = (VP)

Secretary = (Sec)

Sergeand at Arms = (SaA)

Road Captain = (RC)

Enforcer = (E)

Social Media = (SM)

Tailgunner = (TG)

Tresurer = (T)

Member = (M)

Prospect = (Pros)

Supporter = (Sup)

Hangaround = (Hang)

Klick here to join the Server

Example for

guest MC members names:

DaSuperDuperGamer123 (Role)

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